Converted Cardinal's Fan - A Woman's Point of View

As a newly converted Cardinals fan, I anxiously waited the day the Arizona team would meet the Pittsburg Steelers. The morning of the game was filled with anticipation. I had somehow succeeded on converting my 2 teenage daughters into Arizona fans as well. Our food preparations were made and drinks set aside. The 3 of us were set..this would be the perfect day for the perfect game.

My heart fell in the first few minutes when Roethlisberger ran and fell across the field goal line and nearly made the first touchdown. Thankfully it was over-ruled. If the Cardinals would have a chance, the game would need to begin on a better note. I was feeling pretty good about the Cardinals chances when they made their first touch-down. That is until Kurt Warner threw the ball into the hands of Steelers, James Harrison, who ran the full length of the field to make a goal. I was sure that would be the turning point of the game. Things were looking grim, and I began to doubt the talent of the Red team. I had seen Kurt Warner play in the play-off's, and I must admit, that is when I became a fan. He had a certain magic about him that made me believe that he could be the man to take his under-dog team to the championship.

What an awesome ending I had envisioned. But it was not to be. Somewhere in the 3rd quarter it seemed as though the game had come to a boring halt. My daughters were loosing interest, and I too was beginning to wonder how much longer I could endure watching all the yellow penalty flags. Kurt just wasn't playing up to the expectations I had, and slowly I was loosing hope. Then, as it seems to happen in all sports, the game came to life in the 4th quarter with about 5 minutes to go. So, I guess this is where I'll have to admit that I understand the game of football only to a certain degree. Something happened in the Cardinals end zone and they were awarded a safety. I don't feel too bad about it, because the sports caster said it rarely happens. Someday I'll have to learn what the "safety" thing is all about. After a few minutes of confusion, I realized this was a good thing for the Cardinals, and then life seemed to be good again. An amazing throw to Fitzgerald resulted in a touch-down. This is when the adrenaline began to flow. My living room had come to life again. We were watching the last few nail-biting moments of the game. It was such a let-down to see Steelers make the miraculous touch down with only 35 seconds left on the clock. I kept telling my kids that it wasn't over, the Cardinals could win. I refused to let go of my dream - their dream! But as fate would have it, the Steelers won.

I felt bad for the Cardinals that they weren't able to pull off this win. It was so close and within their reach. It is unknown if Kurt Warner will return to the NFL next year, but I will say I was impressed with his abilities to take his team as far as he did. And the team as a whole should be very proud of their Super Bowl accomplishment. They turned this small town girl into a true "red" fan. Good job, Cardinals..there's always next year.