Chicago Bears fans seem to have little to look forward to with Cutler slated as QB for another year. And yet a few football fanatics, and I mean a scant, as in miniscule number, are predicting a good year for the Bears. With a new coaching staff and some new faces on the field, Bears fans are asking: Could this be a fresh start? Could this be the year? Or will the familiar flavor of disappointment continue to taint the tailgate? Will a new offensive line give Cutler the protection he needs to make the completions? Or will there be more embarrassing interceptions than 2014?

Disappointment is no stranger to Chicago, and yet like the northsiders in WrigleyVille, the bleachers will be packed game after game, with maybe a few early departures, if games go the way of last season. Hockey is hockey, and the Blackhawks have given the city its third Stanley Cup in 6 years-not too shabby- but Chicago is in desperate need of an NFL playoff season, or at the very least, whooping some Packer ass. Chicago needs another Ditka, who made that priority number one. With Iron Mike at the helm, that was the only goal that mattered. If the Bears were good enough to beat the Packers, everything else would fall into place.

So it comes down to that: can the Bears beat the Packers in anything but pre-season? Is there even now a young Singletary or an Urlacher learning to lead what was once the toughest defense in football history? A defense so harsh and tough it led them to the Superbowl with a QB no one even remembers, only to be spanked and defeated like JV? Can Fox and Fangio lead the team to the post season? Is there a rookie worth his spit or his pay? Questions that lead to more Questions? In the words of Travolta and Woo, “Weeee, What a predicament!”

Lets get this season started already, or get it over with as quickly as possible. But please please please let it be at least somewhat less painful than last season.